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  • Team Aruba Finishes Up Another Successful Season


    With the IHRA World Finals in the books, Team Aruba puts the cap on another successful year with their 2011 Aruba.com Pro Stock Mustang. They finished seventh in national points standings overall, quite an accomplishment in the extremely tough Pro Stock division.
    As car counts continue to increase in IHRA Pro Stock, each race qualifying becomes more of a challenge. Team Aruba earned their spot in the World Finals with an impressive 6.358 elapsed time at over 222 miles per hour. “We had the privilege of qualifying and racing with the world’s best Pro Stock racers,” stated Trevor Eman, driver of the Aruba.com Mustang. “IHRA Pro Stock has a nice, diversified group of racers from the U.S. and Canada and also with us from Aruba in there. It means a great deal to us just to be able to compete with such a talented group. The racing competition was very tough this year, but it’s what racers have come to expect from each other. and we couldn’t be happier to do this anywhere other than on the IHRA quarter mile. At times certain races did not go as we would have wanted, but in between we had some races we were very happy with, including our final round appearance in Bradenton, Florida.”
    A major facet of the Team Aruba operation is promoting ‘The One Happy Island’ they call home. At each event Trevor and his team talk to fans and fellow racers about this paradise destination. Not only can they give first hand experience of Aruba, they help plan the perfect vacation through their travel partners.
    “We are extremely proud to have represented our country, Aruba and our partners, www.Aruba.com and the Aruba Airport Authority in another successful year of racing, a successful year of getting to know new fans, and a successful year of getting more racers and fans to visit Aruba,” Eman continued. “We are also extremely proud of the hard work and efforts put out by our crew members. We have a great team in place with great chemistry. Aside from the fun of racing a vehicle at 220 miles per hour, the most fun is the time and laughs you get to spend with your crewmembers. We are lucky to have a good team in place.
    “Jerry Haas built us a great car back into 2011, which is still going strong. Jerry has showed us pictures of the new model Mustang being built, but his shop built such a good car for us that it would be difficult to trade it in just yet. The power under the hood of the Aruba.com Mustang has been tremendous this year. Jon Kaase knows what he’s doing with these great big 820+ cubic inch motors when he builds them. We thank the entire gang at Jon Kaase Racing Engines for supplying us with a powerful engine. We look forward to them digging up some more HP’s for the 2016 season.”
    With tens of thousands of miles under their belt this year alone, Team Aruba has earned a well-deserved break from travel and toil. The Mustang will remain at the team’s stateside base in South Carolina, while the Aruban team members head home for the winter.
    “We’ll settle down now a little bit at the season ending, but plans are already falling into place for next season,” Eman expressed. “We are anxious to see what the 2016 IHRA race schedule is going to be like so we can start making our testing plans. On behalf of Team Aruba, we would like to congratulate the IHRA for a completed season, despite all the hardships with rain throughout the year and also all the 2015 champions.

    We look forward to doing this again and more in the upcoming 2016 race season.”

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  • Eman Fourth in Points After Palm Beach Nationals

    Trevor Eman launchFresh off of their final round appearance at the Southern Nationals, Team Aruba was looking strong at the IHRA Nitro Jam Palm Beach Nationals. Although back-to-back weekends can be tough for a team whose driver resides in another country, it proved to be beneficial to Team Aruba. They carried the momentum from the runner up finish across the state of Florida Palm Beach International Raceway. They qualified third with a 6.343 elapsed time, setting themselves in the top half of the field for eliminations.

    In round one the Aruba.com Mustang took on JR Carr. Eman had over five hundredths of an advantage on reaction time alone, but wouldn’t need it as he bested Carr on both ends of the track with a 6.38 elapsed time to Carr’s 6.45. The semi final round would be a repeat of the Southern Nationals final round, in which Eman had to run competitor and good friend John Montecalvo. Unfortunately, the result would also be the same with Montecalvo getting the win and then going on to capture his second victory in as many weeks. Still, Team Aruba’s showing at the last two events was enough to move them to fourth in Pro Stock points.

    “This is a result of a combination of a great team, a great Jerry Haas built car and great Jon Kaase power in our Ford Hemi engine,” told Eman. “My father, Ven and I cannot be more proud and happier with the team we have. Our guys, John Peterson, Bruce Morgan, Shawn Scruggs and Doug Schriefer, all have the same desire to do good and win just like my father and I have. Not only do they want to do good on the race track, but they also understand the importance of Team Aruba’s additional goals, which is to promote our native island Aruba as the tourist destination that it is most known for.

    “The past weekend in West Palm Beach was a nice weekend for me, especially, as I had the company of my wife Nicole,” continued Eman. “She does not get to go to all the races now that we reside back in Aruba after finishing college. Not only was I happy to have her at the race track, but all the friends that she has made at the race track were also happy to see her again. My cousin Nelson was also in West Palm Beach with us. Nelson is a ‘distant’ crew member of Team Aruba. He used to always travel with us to the races in the States as an active crew member, but due to work obligations cannot make it to all the races as before.
    This sort of company is nice for us, due to the fact that when we head out to a race we fly over from Aruba and leave our family behind for the duration of the race. In this case it was three weeks total from the time we left Aruba to the time we returned.”

    Although it was a great event for Team Aruba, with friends, family and a semi-final finish, an on-track accident in Pro Stock cast a shadow over the entire race.

    “Our thoughts go out to Cale Aronson as he recovers from his crash,” Eman added. “This accident happened right before I had to make my run, so I saw the accident as we were still sitting in front of the burnout box. I know he hit the wall pretty hard and unfortunately that put him in the hospital. I know he is undergoing procedures to correct the fractures he has suffered. I hope he recuperates quickly and comes racing back soon. The Mountain Motor Pro Stock category is a tight group and there are not many of these cars in the country. The class has been recently building up with new competitors, I hope this setback does not put Cale on the sidelines for too long. We wish him, his wife Tinzy and his father Chuck well and hope to see him and the race car recover soon.”

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  • Team Aruba Feels Right at Home with IHRA

    After a long off season, Team Aruba was anxious to get back on the track and tackle the 1320 feet of an IHRA Nitro Jam racing surface. State Capitol Raceway in Port Allen, La. played host to the IHRA Mardi Gras Nationals this past weekend and was the stage for Team Aruba’s return to the restructured and renewed racing organization.

    “It was great to personally meet all the new members of the IHRA ownership and staff,” told Trevor Eman, pilot of the Aruba.com Mustang. “We could not feel more welcome in a racing sanctioning body than we did from them. The race was really fantastic all around. It was great to be back with the IHRA.”

    Despite Mother Nature cancelling Friday’s test session, Team Aruba qualified for the elite eight car field with a 6.39 elapsed time at 222 MPH. Eman and team were then set to take on number one qualifier and former World Champion, John Montecalvo, in round one. Although Montecalvo was a very formidable opponent, the Aruba.com Mustang made easy work of Montecalvo’s bowtie entry, when Montecalvo was forced to abort the run. Eman posted his best elapsed time of the weekend, a 6.326.

    Rainy weather on Friday made for tricky track conditions on race day and in round two, this would prove to be Team Aruba’s nemesis. Eman encountered tire shake that forced him to let off the throttle, giving opponent J.R. Carr the semi final victory.

    “Rain took its toll on the racetrack and affected the schedule in such a way that we could not test nor qualify on Friday,” Eman explained. “However, the IHRA staff did a phenomenal job on the racetrack getting it ready for Saturday. We were certainly impressed in their accomplishment of getting not only the track ready for racing, but certainly even the entire event in the books with all the added difficulties they faced. It has been several years since we have raced quarter mile so pre race testing and additional qualifying runs would have been helpful, but we were able to get the Aruba.com Mustang qualified and past round one, which was a great accomplishment for our first race back on the quarter-mile.

    “Regardless of the rainy weather conditions that hindered our testing and qualifying, this was truly a great event,” Eman added. “Besides being able to race quarter mile again, the greatest aspect of the entire weekend was the treatment we received by the people. The people from State Capitol Raceway and all of the New Orleans area fans treated us especially well.

    “I think you can comfortably say that New Orleans has somewhat of a different culture compared to the rest of the entire United States. And in our case, as we are from a different country and thus also differently cultured, we automatically create a connection with people that have different customs and traditions. We immediately felt connected to the people of New Orleans and appreciated their unique flavors, sights and sounds.”

    The Mardi Gras-themed Nitro Jam brought much of that culture right to the track, providing great entertainment for fans and racers alike. In recent years the IHRA has placed greater emphasis on the fan experience at their events, a move that has proven beneficial to fans, racers and sponsors alike.

    “We can’t wait to get to Bradenton to continue our effort in accumulating points,” Eman said, speaking of the next IHRA Nitro Jam to be held April 17-19 at Bradenton Motorsports Park. “We have a very good working race car, an engine producing a tremendous amount of power and above all, a very good team in place who all work together very well. This combination, together with a great group of people in the IHRA will make for great racing this season.”

  • Trevor Eman and Team Aruba Gear Up for the Mardi Gras Nationals


    The Aruba.com Drag Race Team from the ‘One Happy Island’ has headed back north to kick off their 2015 race season. This year the team will be back contesting their fast Ford Mustang with the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA). IHRA will venture to Baton Rouge, La. March 13-14 for the Mardi Gras Nationals. Driver Trevor Eman and his crew will join the increasing number of Mountain Motor Pro Stocks who are returning to the organization that gave birth to the class.

    To gear up for their season opener, Team Aruba recently tested at Union Dragway, a facility located just a few miles from their Union, SC based shop. “We flew into Union, SC last Thursday,” told Eman. “On Saturday we went to our home track for a little ‘shakedown’. It’s very nice to have a track so close to our shop. In a very short period of time we can load the race car, drive out to Union County Dragway, make a couple of runs and be back home to unload the race car.”

    With a quick test session in the books and more prepping at the shop, Team Aruba began making the trek to Louisiana to join the Mardi Gras Nationals festivities.

    “Thursday night the IHRA will be having a small Mardi Gras celebration at the track that we are looking forward to,” Eman continued. “Perhaps we can bring a little bit of Aruba flavor by mixing up some of the popular ‘Aruba Ariba’ drink that everyone enjoys.

    “All in all we have a well prepared race car for this weekend’s race. The Aruba.com Mustang is ready for the quarter-mile where we hope to see some fast numbers and go some rounds.”

    Besides wanting to get a good start to the season, Eman and team are also hoping for a good showing in celebration of Aruba National Anthem and Flag Day on March 18. No matter how many hours the team logs on American soil, their roots are firmly set in their island home, and they enjoy nothing more than bringing new fans to a paradise vacation.

    “As usual, we will have our Aruba information booth set up where all our fans can come by and pick up any information they would like about Aruba, together with some free souvenirs,” Eman explained. The Aruba.com pit area is always colorful, indicitive of the One Happy Island and it’s friendly natives.

    “We’re looking forward to connecting with new and old fans at the IHRA this season. I hope they all stop by our pit area and say hello. It’s sure to be a good time down in Louisiana!”

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  • Team Aruba Comes Back for 11th Racing Season in the US

    arubamustangTeam Aruba is back for another US Drag Racing tour in their Aruba.com Ford Mustang. This season they return to the birthplace of Mountain Motor Pro Stock, the International Hot Rod Association. The 2015 IHRA season will kick off at Southwestern International Raceway in Tucson, Az. February 6-7.


    “IHRA has shown they have set up a great deal for the Mountain Motor Pro Stock class for 2015 with great class sponsors,” stated Team Aruba driver, Trevor Eman. “We certainly look forward to seeing what this season has in store. We’re excited to be racing quarter mile again and returning to the home for Mountain Motor Pro Stocks.


    “Although Extreme Pro Stock will not be with the PDRA anymore as of this year, we certainly would like to thank and congratulate the PDRA on what they have accomplished in 2014. We are grateful that they had the class in 2014,” Eman added, speaking to the organization Team Aruba competed with in 2014. Due to a split in class support across organizations, the PDRA selected not to run the Pro Stock division in 2015. Many hope that the class will be unified and grow as IHRA becomes the premier place for mountain motors to compete once again.


    “We’re very excited to have Pro Stock,” stated IHRA President Scott Gardner. “They came back in 2014 and now even stronger in 2015. Teams like Team Aruba, for example, are coming on board with us this year. We’re excited to have them, in particular. They’re a very professional team, representing the Ford camp and Aruba. I’ve seen them in action in the past years and it’s great to have them come home to IHRA.”


    “We truly believe that Mountain Motor Pro Stock needs one stable sanctioning body to compete in,” Eman added, reflecting on the recent history of his class. “Having options is nice, but we saw last year how the class only split itself between two sanctioning bodies, creating a situation where neither had full fields. Hopefully we can see 18-20+ fields and make the competition as tough as possible again. That’s what makes racing fun, exciting, and gives you the ultimate bragging rights when you get the opportunity to knock out four racers on race day.


    “At the end of last season we took delivery of our brand new T&E trailer, which we only got to use at the last race, so we certainly look forward to racing out of our new trailer this entire IHRA season,” Eman continued. “We’ve come a long way since we started racing back in 2004. We have been able to acquire more assets over the course of our racing career such as a spare engine, collection of specialized tools and equipment, additional transmission etc, etc. It got to the point that if the flathead screwdriver was not in the right place the trailer door wouldn’t close. It was time for a new trailer and even having gone to just one race with the new trailer last year, it made a world of difference. So, I’m sure once we get better acclimated to the new trailer this year, it will allow us to only work more efficiently during between runs maintenance.”


    As Team Aruba moves back to the IHRA they hope to reconnect with old fans and meet new ones, as well. Their colorful pit area and welcoming smiles are always a fan-favorite no matter what organization they’re in. This year will be no different as Team Aruba continues their main objective of making the ‘One Happy Island’ famous.


    “Aside from looking forward to strong competition this year, we certainly look forward to meeting as many fans as possible. We hope to get to speak to many people both about our Mountain Motor Ford Mustang, but more importantly, about our great island destination, Aruba. Hopefully we can see a successful year for Team Aruba this year and with that have our fans come visit our ‘Happy Island’, Aruba.”


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